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The IVA - A great solution for your debt

For over 80 years McCambridge Duffy have been helping people and businesses to regain control of their finances and get the debt help they need. We primarily deal with IVAs and have a proven track record of high IVA acceptance by creditors and proudly offer no upfront fees.

We are one of the longest established and most professional and ethical firms in the industry. We have 4 full time Insolvency Practitioners who are all highly regulated under various bodies.

Write off the debt you cannot afford to pay

  • An IVA is a solution for debts over £13,000 +
  • Monthly payments usually start from £140
  • An IVA is usually completed in 5 years, but this is dependent on your circumstances
  • Any remaining debt is written off on completion of an IVA

Other Debt Solutions

An IVA is not a suitable debt solution for everyone, so we also offer other debt solutions, such as Debt Management and Bankruptcy assistance. It all depends on what your best options are for your circumstances.
Sometimes all people require is a little help with budgeting. We also offer a free budgeting advice service. Call us now to run through an Income and Expenditure.


for debts from £13,000 +

  • Repay debts in 5 years
  • Write off unaffordable debt
  • We do not charge upfront fees
  • You are protected from creditors
  • All interest frozen immediately
  • We can setup IVAs in as little
    as 4 weeks
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Debt Management Plan

for debts from £1,000 +

  • We deal directly with your creditors
  • Payments from £100
  • Repayments based on your
    actual living costs
  • Interest / charges stopped
  • Debt Management is
    flexible to suit you
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for debts from £750 +

  • A fresh start if you can no longer
    afford to pay back any of
    your debt
  • We offer bankruptcy
    form completion
    from £300 (plus VAT)
    per person.
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Self Employed Solutions

including business and personal debt

  • Providing Business Debt Solutions
    for over 80 years
  • Helping with sole trader, limited
    company and partnership debts
  • We have helped 1000’s of
    businesses continue
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No debt problem is too big or too small for us to help, so if you are experiencing debt problems of any level call us now for a chat to see how we can help.

McCambridge Duffy is a leading provider of debt advice services and counselling on debt problems for both individuals and businesses. We are the UK's longest established debt help company (since 1932), and one of the largest insolvency providers. We have helped thousands of people overcome their debt problems.

Taking the first step with McCambridge Duffy

When you contact us the first thing we will do is ask for details of your situation so we can understand more about you, your debts and how you got into debt. This will help us to make a recommendation as to what solutions or options you have available to deal with your debts. You can then decide if and how you want to proceed.

We have a good relationship with creditors and understand what they like to see in any debt solution we may put to them on your behalf.

With our knowledge of your situation we can then recommend a solution that will be best for you to resolve your debts in the best possible way. To get our help please call us, email us or fill out an enquiry form.

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IVA Testimonial

"It was as if a huge weight had lifted from my shoulders. It had taken me months to pluck up the courage to call and I wish I had done it months ago but am delighted thanks to McCamridge Duffy that I can now see a brighter future for myself and my family."

Jonny - 23rd Feb 2013

IVA Frerquently Asked Questions

Approx debt : £38,000
Number of creditors : 3
Old monthly payment : £785
New monthly payment : £260

In the example above our client was struggling with monthly debt repayments. They opted for an IVA as a means to managing their debts and in 5 years, they will be debt free, with remaing debt written off...
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Client Review

" ...very professional, very smooth procedure, very helpful, informative and I highly recommend them... "
Gary from Salford - 14th November 2012 on, rated 5 stars.