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" They were able to get my IVA approved and it's saved me over £900 per month! I felt like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. "

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An IVA is a formal Insolvency Solution that can reduce your monthly payments and allow you to write off unaffordable debt on completion (normally 60 months). We primarily deal with IVAs and have a proven track record of high IVA acceptance by creditors and proudly offer no upfront fees.

We are one of the longest established and most professional and ethical firms in the industry. We have 5 full time Insolvency Practitioners who are all highly regulated under various bodies.

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For over 80 years McCambridge Duffy have been helping people and businesses to regain control of their finances and get the debt help they need with formal insolvency solutions.

If you are struggling with debts and want to know about the options available to you, in order to deal with your problem debts, then get in touch. Call us now for a chat or fill in the form below.

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Other debt solutions

A formal insolvency solution such as an IVA or Bankruptcy is not always suitable for everyone. We provide information on other formal and informal solutions that can be used to address your debts. Click the button below to read more about these solutions.

We also pride ourselves on offering Insolvency solutions for more complex cases, such as Self Employed cases.

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IVA client Testimonials

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The first thing we will do is have a chat with you about your current financial situation. This will help us to make a recommendation as to what options you have available to get out of debt. You can then decide if and how you want to proceed. We offer

  • Ethical and confidential advice
  • No hidden upfront fees
  • Fast set up of debt solutions
  • High acceptance rate with creditors

We have a good relationship with creditors and understand what they like to see in any debt solution we may put to them on your behalf.

With our knowledge of your situation we can then recommend a solution that will be best for you to resolve your debts in the best possible way.

Everything we discuss is private and confidential and you are under no obligations to proceed with any solutions. In fact, you might not even need a solution. Sometimes all you might need is a little help with budgeting or re-organising your finances. We offer a free budgeting advice service. Contact us now so we can run through an Income and Expense analysis with you free of charge.

IVA Case Examples


Client with debts of £38,000

Client was struggling with monthly debt repayments of £785 to several creditors. We were able to have this reduced to £260 per month, with all interest and charges frozen. After 60 months of paying this reduced amount, any remaining debts will be written off and they will start their life free of debt.

£15,600 will be repaid and £22,400 will be written off.


Client with debts of £33,000

Client was paying creditors over £920 per month creditors. We were able to have this reduced to 350 per month, with all interest and charges frozen. After 60 months of paying this reduced amount their solution was complete, their remaining debt was written off and they were free of their debts.

They repaid £21,000 and £12,000 was written off.

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