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They were able to get my IVA approved and it's saved me over £900 per month! I felt like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. - Aubs

An IVA may not be suitable in all circumstances. Fees may apply. Your credit rating may be affected. Read more.

IVA Advice

Get IVA Advice

An IVA is a formal Insolvency Solution that could reduce your monthly payments to an affordable amount. You could also write off unaffordable debt on completion of an IVA (normally 60 months). We primarily deal with IVAs and have a proven track record of high IVA acceptance by creditors and offer no upfront fees for drafting an IVA proposal, so if your IVA is not accepted, you will have nothing to pay.

We are one of the longest established and most professional and ethical firms in the industry. We have 5 full time Insolvency Practitioners in house.

If you would like to find out if an IVA might be an option for you, contact us for confidential, no obligation advice.

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For over 80 years McCambridge Duffy have been helping both individuals and businesses to regain control of their finances and get the debt help they need, with formal insolvency solutions.

If you are experiencing difficulty with debt repayments and would like to know what options are available for your situation, then get in touch.

Call us for a chat on 0800 043 3328 or click the button to fill in the form below and we will get back to you to provide confidential, no obligation advice.

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Other debt solutions

A formal insolvency solution such as an IVA or Bankruptcy may not always be suitable for everyone. We provide information on other formal and informal solutions that may be suitable for helping you deal with your unaffordable debts.

Click the button below to read more about these solutions or contact us for further information. Our advisors will be able to signpost you to an appropriate provider or charity, if an IVA is not an appropriate solution for you.

We also specialise in offering Insolvency solutions for more complicated situations, such as Self Employed or Business cases. If this is something you need help with, please get in touch.

Other Solutions

IVA client Testimonials

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What happens when you contact us?

The first thing we will do is assess your current financial situation. This includes an assessment of your household income, expenses and your debts (who you owe money to and how much is outstanding). This will help us determine what options are available to you and how much you can realistically afford to pay towards your debts. When you have information on what solutions are available, you can then decide if and how you want to proceed.

We will only recommend a solution, such as an IVA if we believe it has a good chance of being accepted by creditors. This is why we have such a high IVA acceptance rate and is also why we do not charge any hidden upfront fees before your IVA application is made. If your IVA is not approved, you will pay nothing.

Everything we discuss is private and confidential and you are under no obligation to proceed with any debt solution.

If you choose to proceed with a solution that we cannot help with, we will signpost you to an appropriate provider or charity, such as Stepchange or the CAB.

IVA Case Examples


Client with debts of £38,000

Client was struggling with monthly debt repayments of £785 to several creditors. We were able to have this reduced to £260 per month, with all interest and charges frozen. After 60 months of paying this reduced amount, any remaining debts will be written off and they will start their life free of debt.

£15,600 will be repaid and £22,400 will be written off.


Client with debts of £33,000

Client was paying creditors over £920 per month creditors. We were able to have this reduced to 350 per month, with all interest and charges frozen. After 60 months of paying this reduced amount their solution was complete, their remaining debt was written off and they were free of their debts.

They repaid £21,000 and £12,000 was written off.

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