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McCambridge Duffy have been helping businesses and individuals regain control of their finances for over 80 years. No matter what size your business is we can help. From Small Business Debt to Large Companies the problems are usually the same, how they are dealt with requires a different approach however as the options available for each company type will be different.

We are one of the longest established and most professional firms in the industry. We have 4 full time Insolvency Practitioners who are all highly regulated under various bodies. Over the years we have helped thousands of people and businesses to find solutions to their debt problems. Get in touch today to see if we can help you or your company.

We can deal with the following type of debts, see below for more information.

Sole Trader debts

A Sole Trader is the term used to describe a business owned and controlled by one self employed individual irrespective of whether there are any employees are not.

Smaller businesses can find financial problems very difficult. Usually there is no real distinction between the business and the person who is running it, who is in most cases a sole trader.

When a self employed individual gets into financial difficulties there a number of options available such as:

Individual Voluntary Arrangements

Debt Management


Trust Deeds (Scottish Residents only)

Find out more about sole trader debts

Limited Company debts

A Limited Company has limited liability when it comes to its debts. The debts are limited to the assets of the company. This can be comforting when the business no longer wants to trade. However if your business has a viable future and wants to continue, we can advise you on how to sort out your business debts.Whether you need financial advice or need assistance to manage your personal or commercial financial situation we aim to assist by providing solutions to your problems based on your circumstances. We can offer help and advice on:


Company Voluntary Arrangement



Find out more about Limited Company debts

Partnerships Debts

The members of a Partnership are generally Joint and Severally Liable for the debts of the partnership. Unfortunately, this means that the partner with the most assets has the most to lose.

If your Partnership is in financial trouble you should seek professional advice for both the partnership and your personal liabilities.

When a partnership gets into financial difficulties there are a number of options available such as:

Partnership Voluntary Arrangement

Partner's IVA

Liquidation of a Partnership

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" I found McCambridge Duffy to deliver on what they said they would do and to do so quickly with a minimum of fuss. There were not endless phone calls and letters but they got the facts, assembled the proposal and put it in place very quickly. The process was made less stressful by the way in which they managed it."

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Client was struggling with monthly debt repayments of £500 to several creditors. We were able to have this reduced to £250 per month, with all interest and charges frozen. In 60 months, any remaining debts will be written off and they will be debt free.

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