How do Individual Voluntary Arrangements work

Assuming you have money worries and feel that you could be insolvent, you may want to understand an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, generally referred to as an IVA, and how it could possibly benefit you. Being aware what an IVA is and knowing the IVA approach makes it easier if you need to come to a decision whether to participate in this process or try some other sort of viable solution with regards to your monetary problems. Continue reading

Fall in levels of Insolvency

In recent months I have written on the dramatic growth of personal insolvencies in the UK over the last decade and of the reasons behind this growth. That is to say it was primarily down to the explosion of availability of credit and other economic factors. I have suggested that it will only get worse before it gets any better. Then earlier this month the third quarter statistics were released by the government’s Insolvency Service. They showed that for both forms of personal insolvency, bankruptcy and individual voluntary arrangements, there has been a fall. Continue reading