Questions for your Insolvency Practitioner

The old cliché ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ can be applied to your personal circumstances when you are encountering financial difficulties. You may be considering going to a financial expert to get advice on what your options are in trying to address your problems. The recognized expert in the UK is an Insolvency Practitioner or IP and the equivalent in Ireland is a Personal Insolvency Practitioner or PIP. Continue reading

Who will find out about my IVA?

Insolvent persons who are considering entering into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) with their creditors are often concerned as to whether the world generally and certain other people in particular will find out about them and learn that they are in financial trouble. This is a very understandable worry. Continue reading

How do Individual Voluntary Arrangements work

Assuming you have money worries and feel that you could be insolvent, you may want to understand an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, generally referred to as an IVA, and how it could possibly benefit you. Being aware what an IVA is and knowing the IVA approach makes it easier if you need to come to a decision whether to participate in this process or try some other sort of viable solution with regards to your monetary problems. Continue reading

Challenging the Irish Insolvency Law

A challenge to Ireland’s arcane insolvency legislation might well be made to the High Court in just weeks, in line with a newly released story in The Sunday Independent by Maeve Sheehan. This is certainly an amazing development if a challenge is made because of claimed breaches of the constitutional rights of people looking at bankruptcy. It would be truly astonishing if this might happen and turn into the prompt for reform of the legislation and also the launching of fresh laws on individual personal debt in addition to debt codes. It might be unfair to accuse the new Fine Gael – Labour coalition administration of sitting on its hands on this question, given the inertia and inaction of the former Fianna Fail – Greens administration, that couldn’t manage to get thier combined minds round the idea of personal debt forgiveness. The new administration has had many significant sovereign and banking money issues to cope with but it is now time to deal with business that would help the individual citizen. Continue reading

Insolvency & Administration

Leeds United fans will have followed the current crisis at the club with great interest. Most football fans have heard of Administration and know that any club choosing this path will be automatically deducted 10 points. However, how many fans know exactly what it means and what are the implications? Continue reading

Self Employed workers and IVAs in the field of construction/property

Despite the record level of insolvencies in the UK, the Bank of England again has raised interest rates taking them up to 5.5% which is a six year high. It is expected that at least one more rise will take place this year as the bank attempts to keep a tight control on inflation. These increases are hurting businesses especially in the construction industry as the property market slows and first time buyers in particular feel the squeeze. Continue reading

Reducing debts in an IVA

A fundamental precondition for being permitted to be accepted into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) quite simply will need to initially be insolvent. Whilst there are different solutions for the insolvent debtor for instance bankruptcy, this assessment is going to simply look at the advantages and drawbacks of the IVA choice should you be unfortunate enough to find yourself in this difficulty. Continue reading

Challenges to the Irish State on the topic of Consumer Debt

It guaranteed to hit the ground sprinting and the new Irish Government will soon be a hundred days in office. It is fully committed to achieve a lot of adjustments and that being said perhaps now is the occasion to ask various concerns as to precisely what it is providing concerning the ordinary person as distinct from what it is working on in relation to finance companies, builders, NAMA and sovereign interest rates in its admittedly stressful initiatives to meet its committed EU and IMF performance targets. Continue reading