Debt Solutions in the UK

If you find yourself deep in debt, there are seven main options which you can consider to address your predicament. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, about 98% of people who decide to do something about their personal debt problems opt for one of these seven courses of action. Which solution appeals to you? Which solution are you eligible to go for? See if your circumstances match any of them.

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Insolvency & Administration

Leeds United fans will have followed the current crisis at the club with great interest. Most football fans have heard of Administration and know that any club choosing this path will be automatically deducted 10 points. However, how many fans know exactly what it means and what are the implications? Continue reading

Topics to the Irish Administration with regards to Credit Card Debt

It guaranteed to hit the ground sprinting and the new Irish Government will before you know it be a hundred days in office. It is fully committed to bring about numerous changes and for that reason perhaps now is the occasion to ask various concerns as to exactly what it is providing concerning the ordinary person as distinct from what it is accomplishing in relation to finance companies, builders, NAMA and sovereign interest rates in its admittedly demanding efforts to meet its committed EU and IMF performance targets. Continue reading