Annual IVA review may affect payments

When you offer creditors an IVA proposal, they will carefully consider if your offer of payment is fair. They will look at your income and your household expenses and take into account any special family circumstances that may impact on your ability to make your debt repayments, such as a family member having a medical condition with special medication, dietary or care needs. Continue reading

Learn about Guidelines and Expenses in an IVA

In our last article ‘IVA Living Expenses’ we looked at the approach creditors take in deciding whether to accept or reject your proposal for an IVA. In this article, we will look in detail at the IVA Guidelines or  Living Expenses Guide which most creditors claim to adhere to in making their decisions as to whether to allow each item of expenditure or not.

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IVA Living Expenses – Part 1

Many people surf the web to try and find out about IVAs before taking the plunge of going to see an insolvency professional. This is quite a sensible approach in so far as the understanding and knowledge gained will help the individual prepare for a deeper scrutiny of their personal finances, particularly if they are in financial trouble. Continue reading