Help with Debt Problems

When things go wrong in life, one of the hardest things to do is to accept and acknowledge that it’s our own fault and that we are to blame. OK, sometimes it is somebody else’s fault. i.e. If a relationship breaks down, the other person may have been the biggest factor in the event. If you lose your job, it may be that your employer really was losing money or it may be that your function no longer existed in the organisation or that a restructuring was really necessary. If you fail your exams, it may be that the paper was unfair and that the questions weren’t really within the boundaries of the syllabus. And when personal debt problems emerge, it’s only natural that our first inclination is to assign blame to circumstances outside of our control and to blame any convenient third party for our predicament. Continue reading

Banks and Treating Customers Fairly

The UK’s big five banks recently reported huge half year profits to the City and are projecting profits over £40 billion for the full year. I don’t want to sound like Gordon Gecko but “profits are good” and these profits could be construed as good news of a buoyant economy. Sadly however this is against a backdrop of falling house prices, rising interest rates, high levels of household debt, house repossessions up 30% on last year and inevitably an increase in the number of individuals seeking help with debt problems. Continue reading